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Three different Propane Pricing Plans. Which one is right for you?

We know that every customer has different cost concerns and budgets. Thatʼs why we offer a choice of propane Pricing Plans. To help you decide which plan is best for you, you need to determine how much price fluctuation risk youʼre willing to take. We offer three choices:

  • Variable - This plan is based on our prevailing retail price, so your price fluctuates as the cost of oil changes.
  • Capped - This plan offers you a “cap,” or a maximum on what your fuel will cost. If our prevailing retail price exceeds your cap price, you won’t have to pay more. If our prevailing retail price drops below your cap price, you’ll be able to take advantage of the lower price.
  • Fixed - This plan offers a set price for 12 months. If the price of propane fluctuates, your price will stay at the originally agreed-upon price.

For more information about propane pricing, and help deciding which plan is best for you, please call us at 855-346-0755.

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